Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing iDreambooks

Launched a couple of weeks ago, iDreambooks is a new site dedicated to books and especially book reviews. I am active on Goodreads - interactive and with many interesting authors around - and Shelfari - a big library and many people, with a minimal interaction between readers. 

As far as I realized in the last minutes since I created my own account, on iDreambooks for each book, you have the reviews published by now in the media. When you are interested in a book, you enter the title and you can see the aggregated reviews and recommendations. If you've read already the book and you have your own opinion, you are free to vote the review. 

Regularly, there are giveaways available, but as far as I saw by now, you should be mostly from the US or Canada or the UK for being allowed to enter. Hope this situation will change for the sake of the European readers.

It is a site for both readers and writers. The latters can create their own giveaways and set up their profiles. As a simple reader, you can build your reading list, up to the latest preferences.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a trip to Galapagos

As I am preparing my first travel book, I am professionally interested in reading and finding out about different book formats and ideas. Most probably, at this stage of the research, I will be more than happy to have a simple travel memoir with different short stories and a photo book with the best photo moments of my journey. 
Till the final decision will be taken, I had the chance to clear my eyes by reading the images of a travel book from Galapagos, by Susanna IvyGalapagos Dreams: a photo journey is all you need to get ready to book your trip to this corner of the world as soon as possible. Susanna herself waited a long time until her dream come true. After winning an international online competition in 2010 she took her camera and started the discovery of the famous island. She carefully documented the unique life and fauna of Galapagos. The eye of her camera surprised the particular expression and the unforgettable corners of life from the island: from the tortoise and land iguana, to the people and the amazing lava fields. There are many people amazed by Galapagos and who produced their own works about it, but in this book I discovered the special selection of the photographer and thus, I think it is worth the effort to spend some time in the company of this book.
Born in East Berlin, Susanna spent her time travelling and recording her trips on camera. Honestly, I wish I can see more photo travel books from her.