Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Publications for writers: Writers Forum

As a writer to be, I am frustrated for not having enough time to read all the publications I would like to read for improving my style, grammar and marketing strategy. Unexpectedly lost for a couple of hours in Stansted airport, I discovered Writers' Forum and enjoyed all the minutes thereafter. 
The last issue of Writers' Forum

The main feature, in my opinion: it is a very useful publication. You will learn how to pitch a military history, to research a cookbook or how to make your daily reporting a quality work of fiction. More than 10 pages have reader stories and samples of poetry. You can also have some good advice about how to improve your writing in 2013 and some insights into the world of children writing. Are you unhappy about the pace of your words? You can either do some daily exercises for improving your style and your grammar and/or to use specialized charts that will evaluate your progress regularly.  

Everything is written with the simplicity of those who know very well that writing is not for everyone but if you feel your vocation, you need a good piece of advice not sophisticated lectures. Last but not least, you have a lot of competitions and incoming classes where you can check how far you are on the road to success. 

Those, as me, who cannot find the publication regularly in the drugstore two blocks away, can use the dedicated apps, available for iOS and Android. 

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