Thursday, March 31, 2011

How not to be a published author

The following "advice" is nothing more than my writing solution to deal with various rejections I faced recently. The core of them is represented by those based on fully justified reasons. My serious advice is that every failure, if analyzed and considered correctly, might be a valuable source for progress and positive change. Although, probably, the first five minutes after you receive a negative answer are not the happiest of your life. Most importantly is enabling you to test your chances, your mistakes and to use the conclusions for a qualitative change.

And now, avoid doing the following mistakes:

- Send the article before any previous grammar or orthographic checking. Believe that the force of your inspiration is more powerful than grammar!

- Doesn't matter that your article fails the main publishing criteria in terms of wording accuracy. The editor's job is operating the wonderful corrections. He is the editor, the one whose main task is to polish words. You are the inspired and wonderful writer.

- You are so famous and with such an impressive writing credentials that nobody will take the risk to refuse a wonderful piece of article written by you. Despite the mistakes - including the serious breach of logic - any editor in this world will be more than honoured to count you among the team of contributors. The implicit double work of the editor with your (stupid) mistakes is a pleasant chore polishing your unbreakable statue of queen or king of the publishing world.

- Following the publication of your article, in an edited and changed formula, don't face the two variants: the one you sent with the one released. You are a genius and the changes are the result of the envy of a narrow-minded editor.

- After finishing the article and while your wonderful creation is on his virtual highway to the editor's mailbox, send another 10 e-mails (at least) with various corrections, including names or sources or data. The editor is all yours, and will work intensively to collect and connect all your 10+ e-mails. It's important that you realized there are some mistakes, isn't it?

- Are you receiving an impressive amount of rejections? Never open them. Never. They contain poison producing deadly effects to your inspiration. Eventually, send to the editor the same article again. Without any further proof-reading, of course. Most probably, they made a terrible confusion and a warning is necessarily.

- Are there any chances that your article will be published, but only following complex changes? Forget about it. you don't have time to introduce all the changes, as you are busy writing other hundreds of articles for your hungry audience. And, anyway, what you are doing is your own business, but still you don't want to make any changes.

- Be as chaotic as possible: start writing at least five articles in the same time, write one sentence for each and then switch to the next, eventually, write the same sentence in all five. As mentioned, beforehand you are a genius in progress.

Good luck!

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