Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lost and found inspiration

Not too much activity on this blog in the last...(can't believe how fast the time runs and runs and runs) six months...The main reason was not that I decided to give up writing, but because I decided to work more on vocabulary, writing, rephrasing. A promise I successfully kept by now: daily writing exercises, reading - enormously, thinking - even more. 

Overall, I started to be more and more secure on my writing and progresses - although I didn't write any article of more than 10 pages, for example. In order to start writing in full force in English I needed too a strong mental motivation. Let's call it inspiration. I knew it should be back one day, was prepared to welcome it but didn't know for sure when this wonderful event will happen. 

Since today, I am delighted to announce that my block disappeared and I rediscovered the force of building stories from the stories I am suggested in the daily life: a random conversation, a strong memory, a dream. I am ready to seriously test again my limits and hope that this time the passion will last as long as possible. Also, the winter is getting closer to my windows and my inner ambiance should be dynamic enough to resist the bad weather. 

Let's the carnival of words begin!

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