Monday, June 18, 2012

The cause for banning books

The more you forbid a book the more readers you will have. I am against forbidding books, but totally in favour of explaining why you like or you do not like a certain book. In fact, I discover very often that many of the so-called 'forbidden books' were in fact very bad and did not even deserve my time and money. What determined me to run to find them was their so-called mysterious glamour.
I remembered that long time ago, when we used to live in a dictatorship of illiterate that did not want to hear about books, we have two rows of books. The simple and not-problematic books were on the first line. In the back, we used to have a couple of books that anyone should know that we have it. Most of them were old French books of disgraced communists, some Russian stories and books by local authors that for various reasons become hated by the regime. Once I grew up I started to read one by one the 'secret' books, but I was hardly able to finish more than 25% of them. There were bad stories and militant literature that even despite my lack of exposure to various literary theories I was able to detect the overwhelming lack of style and literary qualities. 

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