Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest news from Frankfurt

The latest news publishers and writers from the biggest publishing event in Europe, Frankfurt Book Fair 2012.

And a couple of words about my latest memories about the Frankfurt Book Fair. Two years ago, I was one of the millions of visitors heading to visit the fair, in one of the many rainy afternoons. It was crowded, but everything was well organized and you were immediately directed to the good entrance from the first seconds of the arrival to the platform of the train.

My big disappointment was to not be able to get any of the wonderful books displayed on the shelves of the participating countries. When I decided to go to visit the book fair, I calculated all my savings for books for the coming months and thought that it will be my business of the year to go there and get amazing titles in several languages at significant discount. My first encounter was at the Pavilion of France, where I jumped enthusiastically to grab some new released titles. The disappointment occured when I started to look for a place to pay, as I was told that the books are not for sale and further explained that unless I am not a publisher or an author looking for one - I was obviously nothing else than a humblre reader - I am left with the choice of visiting the fair and getting some leaflets. My adventure in the world of books ended up with a voyeurist wandering between the generous shelves with the books I could not have it. 

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