Monday, November 5, 2012

How far your creative writing can go?

I always enjoy to try my hand on new domains and to address various subjects. For years I've read regularly scientific reports on various domains and while working my PhD in history, the complicated works on geology helped me to refresh my writing.

On the other hand, I discovered in the last two days that my creativity is getting limited. An old customer - for whom I wrote a lot of nice recipes - was so happy with my work that he hired me again, this time to cover various topics related to worms. 'Of course I can write about this, I always loved science and natural sciences particularly', I said to myself but as the deadline was getting closer, my enthusiasm disappeared completely. Finally, overwhelmed by other emergencies, I started the work - the kind of work that in my good days I can finish within 10 hours, with editing and research. However, after 1,000 words and many diverse and disgusting worms, I needed to stop and listen to an audio book in German, eventually. The last 2,000 words took me an eternity to finish, with more and more disgusting details revealed. Another batch of articles on similar topics is waiting to be finished in the next days. Because I do not want to disappoint, will finish this task - although I thought at least 5-6-7 times that I better give up than to further with that stupidity. 

On the other hand, I know that at least for a couple of months, my new job will keep me away from 'writing for nothing about everything'. Is not so bad to be full time freelance writer in your free time.

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