Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Back in the business of blogging

It was a long time since my last post was published here, but the good news is that I was quite busy with a lot of writing assignments, new travel adventures and a lovely baby boy. Books, as usual, kept being part of my life, and since I finally decided to switch to a smart phone, I can keep reading my impressive Kindle library while walking too and on the way to my office very early in the morning.
Now, that my writing life and not only is going - hopefully - through a kind of (re)settling down, I am finally able to relaunch my dear bookish blog. 
The content will continue to be about books and the writing life, with many new reviews ready to be published. I will also keep updating about bookish events - book fairs and other specific events, like literary festivals. As I finally started to organize my own writing files and in the next 12 months I expect to finish part of my book list that I have ready in my mind for a long time, there will be some specific posts dedicated to various aspects of the writing process, as well as tips and experiences related to the book marketing (because I am supposed to sell my writing too, isn't it?). 
As a novelty in comparison with previous posts, I plan to have periodical interviews with writers as well as representatives of the publishing industry. Specific news about the life of books and authors, will be also published once in a while. 
Shortly, there is fresh new interesting content coming up, plus stay tuned for more news about my own writing as well.
Till the new post, happy writing and reading!

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