Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Learning about Mr. Matisse. And his cutouts

Teaching children about arts, especially about the life of big artists is not an easy task, and in order to be successful, one should offer an interesting, attractive looking material. Mr. Matisse and his cutouts, to be released in English this September, from the original Dutch version, is an illustrated book, aimed to explain the work and life of the creatiive Matisse. Based on episodes from his life, it creates a story covering his specific art, the cutouts.
'Mr. Matisse's room was his whole world, and he was colouring it himself' describes in just few words, the colourful and inspiring world of the artist. The main message is that the biggest strength of the artist is to create its own world. It encourages children to follow their dreams and dare use their imagination. I've found that the illustrations are even more attractive to the reader, especially the youngest ones, than the text, as it keeps the Matisse style and therefore helps the further identification of its specific staple. 
At the end of the book, a short biographical introduction is added, which completes the general perspective on the artist.
The book can be easily used as material for art lessons for children up to 8 years and more. 
My biggest disappointment it that more cutouts should have been recommended, and even some useful exercises included that would have create even more familiarity with the artist's work by creating direct memories and experence of its art. 
Rating: 3 stars
Disclamer: Book offered by the publisher via NetGalley.com

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