Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Pocket Poems

I purchased More Pocket Poems at the beginning of 2010, as preparing for a class on children writing. From the whole pack of books I bought then, this one was the only one that I didn't read. I never considered myself too good to write poetry, including for children, and I went more and more busy with other ("serious") writing projects. But, as I am keen to start working on my own children projects as well, I decided today, early in the morning, that it is about time to dare opening and reading this book.
Nothing to regret. Great rhymes, wonderful illustrations, even in some cases the wording sounded a bit complicate for me, but maybe it is because English is not my mother-tongue and I have any idea the linguistic level of an English-schooled child in its 10-12, the maximum age target of the book, in my opinion. On the other hand, I think the book is very useful for use in the English classrooms, for children of any age learning English. 
What might be the ingredient for a successful poetry book for kids? I think that to encourage your imagination to go far far away, to think in colourful and happy images while keeping it simple and with a spontaneous connection of words, the main trait of the children's world, we are too much disconnected sometimes.
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