Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Lifes

A day-old chickImage via Wikipedia//The life of a chicken could be passionate
I am not always catching the best reading choice. Mostly since I realized that I need an extended German learning program, I am using the best of my time to improve my vocabulary and grammar. Thus, I take from the library various books, whose lecture is not planned in advance. 
This is was the case when I approached Still Life with Chicken, by Catherine Goldhammer. In a way, besides the direct grammar aspect, I wanted to explore new writing styles and subjects. Passionate about science writing, I was looking for a challenging literary insertion of the chicken lives. I also like the books about the idea of changing, (re)starting your life from the ground - and there are some elements about this in the book. 
The book is having a subject and the chicken are part of it. Some episodes are amusing: the one with the chicken living in the bathroom are hilarious. But, the dialogues are weak, the overall story is voiceless and the story in itself is lacking the force of producing you long lasting literary memories. 
And I am wondering how you could define the literary success? Simply approaching subjects of interest - the courage of a woman to change her life, single women with children, the passion for various pets? For me, it is important to write unforgettably and passionately good. 
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