Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All you want to know about Kindle books

For the moment I am only a writer-in-process, but when I am out of inspiration, I am a permanent reader. Last night, I discovered that months back I downloaded The Kindle's Publisher's Guide and decided that it is the right time not only to better use my Kindle resources, but also to learn how to make my own book.
Most part of the book is dedicated to the step-by-step orientation in a different world of writing and the difference with the usual Microsoft Word is dramatic. This is even more difficult when you deal with various academic works, when you require footnotes and special graphic representations. If you have your own writing plan and want to focus exclusively on your words, you will certainly prefer to focus on a better wording than on  HTML formatting tips. In most cases, you do not even need to do so, as you can operate the various adjustments later, after your text is ready. In addition, you can find many programs - for free - helping with the conversion process. 
One of the most important advise is that you should not publish anything unless you have read it, mainly in the e-reader format, in order to be sure that it is readable from both the technical point of view and from the point of view of the content. 
Besides the detailed technical aspects - that I would love to explore further, eventually, with the help of a dedicated workshop or two, there are some good advices about how to advertise your eBook online:
- Find a good selection of tags and keywords that will help to find out your page in searches
- The usual online description of the book should not go beyond 1,500-2,000 characters
- Find the right target groups for your book and start the conversation about it. 
- If you consider useful, use paid Google AdWorks or Facebook ads for increasing your chances of publicity.
- Monitor permanently the results and the investment.
Overall, it is not very difficult to be a self-published author, but you should be aware that your writing only will not help you to reach success. 


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