Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review: My Last Blind Date

I am not too much into chick lit - although I should confess that I had a time in my life when I was more than delighted to go through the entire Shopaholic series - but I always like to read new books and discover new writing styles. This rainy afternoon I decided that nothing else can help me to find inspiration than this short story by Susan Hatler : My Last Blind Date. 
As I have not heard about the writer before and before starting the lecture, I wanted to browse her website for more info and liked one of her remarks about her writing styles: "I'll write whatever calls to me". 
My Last Blind Date was released in February 2012 and tells the story of the date between Rachel and Noah. Work colleagues and too shy to share their interest in a relationship they are set together on a blind date on Valentine's Day, by Ellen, a generous colleague. The moment of surprise has passed, they get along well together and, if we have to trust the end, are happy even after. 
It is short, at a certain extent predictable story of 25 pages, whose zest is the dialogue: smart yet funny exchanges and interesting wordings going beyond the temptation of triviality that many chick lit and romance books could be tempted to use as a way to attract the readers. Do not expect too much action or suspense, but you can count on a pleasant hour of reading in the afternoon. You can take it on your Kindle while on vacation or read it later in the weekend when you need to get refreshed after 7 exhausting weeks of life as a single.  You should keep your optimism and good humour and simple wonders could always happen. 
Last but not least, the cover is attractive as well, with a lot of red - a colour highly recommended by both specialists in publishing, design and marketing. 

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