Monday, October 21, 2013

Thriller review: One Day in Budapest, by J.F.Penn

I think more than twice before I decide to read a book introduced as political and even more, conspiracy, thriller. I love to read good books on the topic, but I also know how dangerous is the topic for the healthy brains of many writers and sooner or later they end up being taken imagination as reality and preaching various real political stupidities. 
The last Saturday evening I was looking for some challenging yet short enough book that I can read in a couple of hours. Written as a novella, this book by J.F.Penn, whose knowledgeable expertise in the field of book marketing I follow for a long time, looked as a very good choice.
In addition, I am very interested in Hungary, and Hungarian politics and especially the latest unhappy news and would always spend more than one day in the beautiful city of Budapest. 
The city is an extraordinary tour de force through the 24 hours necessary to find the old hand of King Istvan stolen by an extreme right party as part of their strategy to turn the Jewish community in town into scapegoats and get massive political support. 
For those not familiar with the politics in this part of the world it may sound completely crazy, but true is that the limits between reality and fiction is frequently by-passed. 
There are many good and excellent things I loved about this book. The characters have a strong voice an personality, especially the Israel-born Morgan Sierra. Each episodes end up in suspense, leaving something for the next chapter - including the last chapter of the book, so I want to read the follow up of this story! The actions are introduced with the precise touch of a painter and at least in the case of the explosion in the Gellert bath the images described were vividly visual that had them in my mind long time after I finished the book.  
I really felt that the author herself enjoyed writing and true or not, it gave me a lot of ideas and strength to pursue with more optimism and courage my own writing projects as well. Plus, time to read the other thrillers by J.F.Penn. 


  1. One Day in Budapest sounds like an intriguing read. Thanks for the excellent review! I am putting that on my reading list :-). Have you also checked out Adrienne LaCava's new political thriller, No One Can Know? I think you might enjoy that one as well. I found it very thought provoking and educational. You can find the author's website here:

  2. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion! Looks interesting, wish it is available on Kindle too :)