Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About my (bad) writing habits

I love writing and writing loves me, but sometimes our relationship can go through problematic moments. One of my advantages that turns to be my biggest disadvantages is that I can write fast. I edited and completed my last book - more about this soon - in around 2 weeks of intensive writing, when I was also doing some other small blogging jobs. The research was important and was almost done when I needed to give the final touch of my writing. As for the writing, it was flowing without problems and as I was approaching the final chapter, was feeling more and more happy to have such a wonderful gift.
But once the enthusiasm ended and the plans for the next book were launched, I am lost again in my procrastination. Those who know me will feel outraged to see me using the word 'procrastination' in relation with my humble person, but for me, it has the sense of keeping my mind away from writing. I know that I can write fast and furiously and I don't mind to have a day or two off. I love the inspiration of the first days and take my time for the rest of the week trying to find a serious reason to end up the writing.
And this is an aspect that does not make me happy, efficient and that should be changed soon. I need to reintroduce discipline in the field of writing, my main productive activity nowadays. I can see clearly the perfect schedule that I will be able to achieve in a couple of weeks from now, and with a little bit of strong will, even days: wake up early in the morning, maybe around 6am, write intensively till 9am or 10am - which given my writing speed will bring me thousands of words the week to my portfolio - take a break and get into the house mood, accomplish your social media duties, go to the library for more documentation, write one-two more hours in the afternoon. In such a pace, will be able for sure to achieve all my editorial projects that are for the moment just open, half- achieved or in process of editing. I will be happy and everyone around me will be happy because writing makes me happy. 
Perhaps the day I will really consider myself a writer, I will end up thinking about my writing and to all the necessary writing in real time. Till then, waiting only for good and optimistic news.

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