Friday, January 17, 2014

My writing plans

As usual, the events of my life went far ahead of me and I was hardly able to find some time and more inspiration to update this blog. After a couple of unexpected and not always pleasantly surprises into my life that rapidly challenged the last two months of 2013, I started the 2014 - a symbolic event that seems to be more than one month ago - with a lot of expectations and promises to myself. 
Nothing new, as I try to be as organized as possible, and improving my time management achievements is one of my favourite pastimes. However, my latest issue was that I haven't done too many of the things I always wanted to do because not always fast enough to do all those things NOW. For more than one month, I imposed myself a very strict time diet: if I want to do something, I don't wait more than one second before effectively doing it. I am aware that frustrations are not exactly the feelings I want to get used with and I am very careful to avoid unpleasant situations for my brain.
One of the main serious activities I carefully done in the last weeks was not only to intensively read books but to start leaving reviews and taking notes for more posts on the blog. Generally, at the beginning of the year, mostly when the weather is quite bad in my corner of Berlin, I do this but once the spring arrives, I better have my reading outdoors and switch to a new book without bothering to write about. This time will be different, and things are already changing. Today, for instance, I finished reading two small children books - more about that in a post scheduled for the next week - reviewed both on and Goodreads. 
The last year was very important as I did a lot of style improvement, but things should be further developed and I really need to write as much as possible. Being a reviewer will not only helps me in this direction, but can be a good guidance for my own writing as well.
As for the writing, I might say that I did modestly well the last year, with two e-books published on Kindle, and a lot of blog posts and articles. On the other hand, there is not the pace I am expecting from me, and although I write quite fast, I don't do it constantly hence the delay with at least 3 non-fiction book projects that I would love to finish the first half of the year. 
My fiction projects are still waiting to get a certain shape, but the proper writing will be possible only when I will be able to set up for myself a certain portion of words that should be ready daily, regardless of my travel plans or other occurrences. 
For the moment, I am trying to be as optimist as possible, thinking courageously about finishing a very important non-fiction book till the end of the month, while updating my blogs. Hope to keep the same happy smile on my face in more than 12 months from now.
Happy writing everyone!

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