Saturday, November 12, 2016

A political thriller with a taste of reality

Forget about the similarities with the latest American elections, and even the name of the main candidate-characters, not by accident called - Ronald Drump and Valery Clayton. Before to start reading, it is recommended to leave aside all wishful thinking, as it is only a book and it is too well written to miss the real writing experience. 
According to the saying, every dog has its day, meaning that everyone gets a chance during some period a time. From the presidential candidates, to the paid assassins and accidental killers, everyone in this book is playing with chance and luck, more or less successfully. Like everyone in life, but at the high-end of politics, life has a different price and the survival charges are significantly different. Two life-long billionaire friends decide to pay $10 million to an ex-Marine to eliminate the Republican candidate, considered too clumsy and trouble-makers to win the elections against Clayton. 
Regardless of the political choices, the book is well written, page-turner and meticulously researched. Clayton sounds even more credible and articulated than the candidate it - probably - emulates. The dialogues are smart, the action is well crafted and the entire story and discussions sound authentic. 
For my own reasons, I preferred to read the book at the end of the electoral campaign, assuming that it is a good book, regardless of what is happening and the results, it should remain a good read, and in this case, my choice proved to be right. It resists the test of time, which is a good indicator of the quality. 
Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange of an honest review

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