Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fighting the Writer's Block with Story Cubes

I am rarelly facing writer's block, except when my time is so limited and the to-do-list so long that I can hardly look myself into the mirror. However, I realized that very often I need a creative twist to my writings - especially when I am trying my hand to fiction - which happens way too rarelly those days. 
Either I have to do with travel writing or my non-fiction books (hopefully one new title will be added to the portfolio the next month) or some other specific assignments, I feel sometimes the need to grow up my creativity, to challenge myself. And how else would it be possible if not by playing games? Creative games.
Actually, I've got familiar with Story Cubes through one of my German classes teacher. As I've mentioned that my German should improve at a level high enough to allow me to write in this complex language news and media reports especially in the field of travel, she brought me nine little cubes. You roll the dice and based on the choices you start building your story. My brain kept thinking in images although my German words needed some time to put themselves together but I've found the idea excellent and right now I am using the Story Cubes - also available as an app - for launching my creative flow in various domains - in both German and English. 
Since its first launch 11 years ago, the Story Cubes - that can be equally used as a nice entertainment for you and your children during long flights - developped various themes, inspired by heroes and specific cartoons, such as Batman, Looney Tunes or the Mumins.
For your own creative needs, I suggest to try playing it with another - preferably writing - partner and for at least 40 minutes. You need some time to get into the right mood, but once you're in it is hard to give up. If you are really looking for some good ideas in a specific field, I recommend to have a piece of paper and a pen near you when playing, as you can keep some of the thoughts for later, when you want to further develop your stories. 
Good luck with your spontaneous stories and keep playing Story Cubes! It's still time left to call this weekend a (very) creative one!

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