Monday, May 20, 2019

Children Book Review: Yara's Tawari Tree

Yara is living together with her mother in their quiet rainforest corner. They are happy and they embraced the pristine environment. But not too far away, the threatening human machines are taking over the land.
When Yara saved a seedling of Tawari tree (called also Ixerba, it is a native honey flower tree, used among others to treat infections and various inflammations) she couldn't foresee that this tree will later save her life. As she fell very sick, a concotion made of the tree's leaves brought her back to life.
The message is simple: humans and nature need each other, in a very purposeful way. There is a certain balance between the human heart and the green heart that we often forget it exists. We, humans, we need to start learning again the secret language of nature. We are fragile and easy to break although we have the strength and the tools to create the allmighty nature. 
Yara's Tawari Tree is the first book from the a new series of children books created by Yossi Lapid: Yara's Rainforest. Although I've heard about Lapid before, this book was my first direct encounter with the author and most probably would love to read more of his books. The illustrations belong to Joanna Pasek and follow an inspiring style of pastel-watercolours with a touch of Asian painting. The lettering of the cover is in my opinion not the greatest choie, but after all the book appeals to children.
Yara's Tawari Tree is a recommended read to children of 5 years and more. If you want to teach your children to respect and understand nature, this book offers a good and inspiring start.

Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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