Friday, October 15, 2010

How was my week

I am ready with the long-awaited review of foreign relations. More careful with the words and the general structure of the narrative. Used a lot of critical analysis, any quote at all and banished any boring references to description of the volumes' chapters. For the first time in almost one year of writing reviews for this publication I am satisfied with both the style, the grammar, the ideas' design. Hope to not be the only one noticing these changes and improvements.

The other review I finished, long before I had the re-revelation of my writing destiny, was pretty clumsy, and made a several cosmetic changes, in addition to the corrections operated by the editor itself. This contribution is good for my CV, but maybe it is better to fully play my cards in the areas I am familiar with. I am more articulated and the words are easily arranged into sentences.

I am more and more determined to improve my English as fast as possible. My big disadvantage was to be first perfectly fluent in another two languages and the excessive use of English exclusively for reading and conversation. I am reading without dictionary and I am able to think in this language, but in the majority of cases, when it is about writing, I am making various translations from the languages I can read, think and write fluently in. More and more practice needed. 

I know one of the main reasons of being extremely lazy in writing. This week, the record of reading books - a memoir about Oppenheimer and Infinite Jest - was extremely poor. But I was extremely active in reading blogs and articles. The next week, I ought to finish a couple of academic articles and to continue blogging. 

I had last night several pleasant lectures of some blogs about cooking. What is the creative and original part of writing, as long as the recipes are made of quantities, short recommendations and a combination of a limited vocabulary? The personal experience of the author matters and the individual pattern of mixing the words and explaining - about a colour, a flavor, a certain timing, completed with the visual part. I will try soon to share my own visual and olfactory experience, as part of improving my writing skills.

Happy writing and an inspiring week-end!

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