Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's in a name!

The name of this blog is not an accident. Not even intending to tease. It is the hyperrealistic version of my world.

Shortly: I started my day around 8.30 (extremely late, given the writing situation for today, very very late).  Shortly thereafter, the marry-go-round put into motion. And what a motion: updating social media websites, status, reading a couple of new articles, downloading pictures, uploading and editing pictures, writing and editing the texts, the usual online-office dialogue for sharing ideas and links. Not too much time to think, only an enormous to-do-list and various emergencies and opportunities. And, again, writing a new article, updating a status, speed-reading an article - on politics, arts, social media, the areas covered by the clients I am writing for my PR projects. I even saw new and inspiring images, I hope to be able soon to do some sketches about. 

I wrote and I am writing about almost everything. Everything interesting, I mean. I like to change the styles, to be forced to document my articles or papers, to listen new ideas and then share as much as possible. For a long time I was very unhappy because my English fluency didn't help me to be as fast and clear as I wanted to be. I am convinced I am still making mistakes and I still need to polish my sentences. But, for the most part of my latest writing life, English is my main tool. I will continue to write and improve this fantastic language, because I don't have too much choices and also, because I find this new challenge too amazing to give up easily. And, little by little I promised myself to start being fluent in a fourth language as well - after my 2 mother-tongues and English. 

Agh, I was about to forget, focused on my personal journey across cultures and languages: immediately after I woke up I started to read an article about publishing in the 2.0 world, via a link found on Twitter. While taking my shower, I was already having in mind a title - sounded good for me then - of a new book - from my very neglected writing list for this 2010. Shortly after I was off, I forgot the title and still unable to recover my affected memory. Anyway, I remember the subject: about how to seize every opportunity you encounter into your life. A kind of self-help booklet. 

Now: it is 17.02 and: I need to finish writing a 1500-word review on a foreign affairs book, to continue listening to a web-conference about social media and blogging, to write about this on my PR and 2.0 blog, to listen to a webinar dedicated foreign affairs online, to write about this on another blog, to update and have a look on my social media networks, to watch another webinar, later in the night, about using social media for book launching and, of course, writing about this - on this blog, this time. And I still need to finish writing the article I started my day with, plus a couple of pages in English and German. 

Forgot to mention, in-between the words, I spent at least a couple of minutes with my kid, on vacation right now, and preparing the lunch and offering mature enough replies and topics of conversations.

What's in a name?

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