Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writing diary

Woke up with a little headache. Maybe because of the one beer more yesterday's experience. Or because I started the Infinite Jest, read for a couple of pages, and kept thinking about the movies I've seen last night for more than one hour and, again, as usual, finally switched off the light around 3 o'clock in the morning.

The idea of a huge mug of coffee determined me to jump out of my warm bed into the cold air of my German house. In only five minutes, the coffee and the breakfast were prepared. Healthy exercises for warming me up. I am still drinking my warm coffee now, after reading a couple of articles about writing, writing and writing. And a short review of my class for writing for children. 

I am still undecided: I would like to write non-fiction for children, an YA novel, a couple of short stories for children and a book for preschool children. There were, in fact, the objectives I've set at the beginning of January, but most part of the time I avoided to take a final decision about continuing writing and nothing else but writing. Plus, of course, some background reading. I will avoid to make an evaluation of this year, as most part of my writing projects are nowhere to be found. My (lame) excuse is the need to improve my English writing skills, by reading. Non-sense as I know very well that only the experience might help me to refine and polish my grammar and vocabulary. 

For reasons of daily optimism I would prefer to go beyond good and evil and refuse to judge my laziness or to give verdicts. I will pick up the fruits sooner or later.

Back to reading. It is only 10.28 in the morning.

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