Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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How do I find my inspiration for posts, articles?
A couple of fresh ideas:
When I am reading a book, I am taking notes - for the review, for various academic articles. A special category is represented by the subjects I would like to cover extensively after, not necessarily connected with the subject of the book: as a custom, a tradition, a do-it-yourself idea. For each of these subjects I set up separate files at least with one idea about what I would like to search after. 
When I am out in town or during a conversation and I discover an idea about something I would like to write about, I do the same: I am saving the idea on my cell phone or on my notebook and think where I could post it. 
This is a permanent process. I already have more than 100 possible ideas for posts and articles gathered in the last three weeks and I am working little by little for the documentation. Can anybody borrow me some time?
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