Sunday, December 26, 2010


Susanna Tamaro's book is the second novel in German in one week that ends up by the suicide of the woman. This is just an observation, trying to introduce a bit of order and obvious sense into my relatively unusually messy writing and reading life from the last month or so. And I am still hoping that the whole situation will have an impressive creative turn.
But I liked the book: high concentration of feelings, almost logical ending - what can you do when you have the sudden perspective of the impossible progress. A classical optimist will continue to look for something. In some situations, everything around you - a stone or, like in this case, a parrot found at the garbage - an image of the life of the main character, maybe - it's reminding you the absolute failure. More or less, we are living in a world of shadows, projections, dreams, illusions and educated denials. Often, the border line between the healthy laugh and the deep depression is extremely delicate. 
This book helps you to understand this eternal fragility. 

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