Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is never too late to write your book

It is never late enough to launch your book and continue writing. Very often, we read a lot in the media about successful young writer under 30 or 40 and we start feeling that it is too late for starting a career in writing after these thresholds. In fact, it is another example when we need to take our breath and continue writing, regardless of our age or the pressure of the daily boring yet financially rewarding jobs.
Paul Torday, for instance, published his first book, the famous now Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, when he was around 60. Since then, the book was turned into a movie and he published a new book almost each year. 
I liked Salmon Fishing and appreciated the humour, but loved and felt closer of Bordeaux for the fine observations and the introspective journeys. 
The conclusion of the day: is never too late to become a writer if you have something to share.

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