Monday, July 2, 2012

Not-to-read recommendation: Dad's guide to life for girls

My Kindle has a lot of books: the very good books that I am happy to have it and keen to read it, a lot of books I am interested in because of the subjects approached and many free books on various topics that I have no idea what they are all about. Sometimes, I am surprised to discover good books, covers and new authors whose next or previous books I will buy. From time to time, I also have books that after 10 minutes of reading I can't wait to delete from my Kindle.
Every 3-4 weeks I have the unpleasant opportunity to stumble upon such a book and due to the high volume of daily reading I think it is a fair ratio. Today, while in-between a new writing chore, a good book and a boring rainy hour, I decided that maybe Dad's guide to life for girls will give me some good ideas about children, girls and how to talk with them and what to tell them. 
From the beginning, the cover did not impress me too much - childish and cheap -, but I tried to ignore this fact thinking that you need to invest a lot of money in a good cover and maybe the author preferred to pay the price for producing a good book. I have no idea if the author used the resources for a professional editing of the book, but the result is technically good: quality editing, not grammar mistakes and thus meeting the minimal expectations of a good book. However, a correct sentence it is not enough and the artistic result is rather boring and not-interesting (almost at all).
In my opinion, the book could be limited to some professional advice in the Introduction and it rather suits  an article or some series of articles published in some parenting reviews that no one reads seriously. It consists of a series of advices, on a lecturing tone, from how to deal with your sexual life to how to reach success in college (in this order), and some professional advice about how to not be trapped by the Nigerian scams. Honestly, do not misunderstand me: there are very interesting advices, but the style is...exactly what do you expect from a father lecturing you for hours about why you should not do it. If it matters, I would be very happy with some inspiring stories written in a more relaxed way. The subject is obviously very serious, but it is not a reason to turn it more boring than a complicated chemistry lesson for teenagers in a summer day. 
FYI: the book is not recommended for: gay females, transgenders, orphans or ethnic minorities. 
I am keeping my literary optimism for the quality of the other books on my Kindle shelf. 

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