Monday, July 16, 2012

Poetry evening, with Mascha Kaléko

I am not a poetry reader and even less one of its lovers, but from time to time - maybe twice the year - I challenge my love for words with a portion of poetry. This time, I choose a small, simple and illustrated collection by Mascha Kaléko. An interesting poet with an interesting life that I would love to read more about it soon. The little booklet with which I spent a couple of mind challenging hours is called Papagei und Mamagei . It is a simple yet funny and well chosen selection of poetic short stories about the world of animals. Some reminded me of some Haiku but also of some Naturalistic short stories. The initial thought was to improve my German, but the language is not as easy and you should know more than the primary sense of the words in order to understand the short poetic compositions. 

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