Monday, January 18, 2016

5 Tips to keep writing and reading for new moms

As a new mom, with a very active writing life and a big love for books, the life with the baby especially at the beginning might bring a lot of frustrations, but with a good time management you can succeed it. Here are my five tips for a busy mother:

1. Every day, put aside some little time for yourself. Although working in a big one hour batch can be useful, when not possible, you can do it early in the morning, after the first baby feeding and late in the evening after the kid is sleeping. 

2. Set up plans. At the beginning of the day, write down what you are expected to achieve and go with the plan. For instance, to read 3 pages the day and write 1,000 words

3. Be realistic. Maybe you are used, as me, to read sometimes a big 300-page book the day, but now you just have to realize that it is no more possible. Instead, try to realize that you can read maybe one book the month or every two weeks. 

4. Focus! I discovered that all the electronic devices around me might be very disturbing. Meaning that at the end of the day, when the baby is finally in the bed sleeping, when the house is finally covered in silence, you try to avoid procrastinating on social media. It can bring a lot of relaxation and relief, but it rarely bring too much progress towards advancing your writing or reading progress.Eventually, after you are done you can make a short social media update, but only before you are done with the main priorities.

5. Be kind with yourself! Take your time, the baby is now the most important thing into your life. Use this time for new discoveries and revelations about life. There will always be books waiting for you, but every moment spent with your baby is unique and precious. 

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