Sunday, January 3, 2016

My bookish resolution for 2016

My last year was obviously not the year of this blog, with the minimal amount of posts in its life. It was also a modest year of reading, with slightly 104 books out of a 200-book objective. As for writing, I did not create anything noteworthy, except my regular travel writing.
Now, it is about time for new beginnings, especially new bookish adventures.
For this year, my Goodreads objective is of 250 books, which means that I have to set up a very clear time management. I do not have a specific list of authors I want to read, but I obviously want to discover many new ones, after a year without extraordinary discoveries, hanging up mostly with the the authors I knew already. In line with this new resolution, I finished yesterday reading Alice Munro, Too Much Happiness which I enjoyed a lot and would love to read more about. I also want to keep improving my language skills in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and thus, will look after more literature in these languages. 
Right now, I have some long awaited writing projects ready in my head and hope to get soon ready  for keeping up with their continuation and achievement. I gathered enough frustrations to avoid telling - lying - to myself over and over again that I am fine and being so lazy does not have to create any problem for my conscience. I will continue with a clear schedule and specific hours dedicated to writing. The advantage of having a little baby is that I can be up early in the morning and this time should be wisely used for writing too.
I have a lot of literary events and book fairs and other special book-related activities coming up in the next weeks and thus, my blog will be fed with more information and interesting content. I have in mind also some special interviews, but this depends of other people's availability. Also more review and writing related content will be shared on the blog, at least twice the week. 
As for now, keep in touch with more bookish news and a happy book nerd to everyone!

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