Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bookish reviews: The latest books on the list

I kept reading a lot in the last days and weeks, with a good pace towards reaching my Goodreads goal. However, I did read a lot of non-fiction and DIY-kind of books that were useful, and some literature that did not enjoy too much. At a certain point, upon visiting a library nearby and discovering so many books by famous authors I was wondering if I do not waste a lot of precious time and resources reading tons of free to download books on my Kindle by non-brand authors that disappointed me. During the next weeks will prefer than to read books by big literary names with two or three 'free' Kindle books. The next month I will also hope to focus more on writing my book so my time will be very limited.
Till then, here is the latest bookish harvest:

I had two serious reasons to start reading Kathy O'Dowd - a daughter-father writing couple - The Lady Astronomer: I was very impressed by the cover, a very inspired choice compared to many books that I'd read recently and was equally interested by the topic as such. However, couple of pages into the book I realized that I just cannot keep up with the story. Many clumsy sentences, the plot was lost into too many details and almost impossible to follow. In conclusion, I just gave up and browsed my Kindle searching for another book.

I did not read anything from Amelie Nothomb for more than 5 years and enjoyed first and foremost the idea to return to reading in French. Journal d'hirondelle is a cruel account, written as a memoir of someone who lost his heart and decided to become a successful killer. The combination between Dostoievsky and Ryu Murakami did not impressed me so ended up very disappointed about the book, which otherwise is well written.
Once in a while, especially on weekends, I love to read within hours some cozy mystery. Death of a celebrity is the first volume out of three other similar stories built around the character of a once successful writer looking for inspiration and a quiet life as inn keeper in Sandy Creek, Cape Cod. It is the kind of book to read between two rows of knitting, with too many unuseful descriptions and a very slow pace for a mystery. But it is well written with some interesting plot. 

I love international thrillers, but as I have a background in political science and international relations, you cannot sell me everything. This book based on the issues of the Iranian nuclear program, the Blind Scorpion has a good story but the facts of the story are so misleading and very implausible. The background research is well done and the information about nuclear processes and Iran are accurate. My problem was with the plot who does not reflect the reality. For instance, who would offer a job as a top - security clearance included - nuclear scientist with such a big lust for money and a passion for playing in casino? How the same checked and over-checked scientist can accept with a blink of an eye the invitation to go back to Iran apparently for lecturing for good money?And first and foremost, how would he easily left to leave the States when there are already signals that he can be in danger. Not forget how the same scientist starts to explain complicated nuclear processes to a CNN diva he met on the airplane. And so on and so forth. 

For the next week, I have one special bookish surprise so I hope the stars of my reviews will improve! Stay tunned and happy reading...

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