Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bookish travel: Pick a free book in Israel

I am a very big fan of free books, as an easy way to got good books, in many languages. I have many boots around my home in Berlin, and every two weeks I am there to check what is new, but also to bring books that I want to share with other passionate readers. The most pleasant surprise is when I travel to discover similar initiatives. During my trip to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv a couple of weeks ago, I took the chance to offer myself some vintage presents.
Near the First Station in Jerusalem - Tahana Rishona - there is a big shelves areas with books in so many languages - English, Hebrew, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish, among others - and so many domains - from Mathematics to dictionaries and literature. 
On the way to one of the many beaches in Tel Aviv, make a stop and pick a book as a companion for the long sunny days. The selection here appeals to children with graphic novels and children books, but overall, there is something for each and every one. Another bookish spot in Tel Aviv is at the train station. The train goes slowly and a ride takes usually longer, but with a book times goes faster and at the end of the ride you learned something new too. 

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