Saturday, December 31, 2016

My year in books

Starting unexpectedly shy and without any clear promise, 2016 was one of my best reading years. With 300 books on Goodreads and over 200 reviews on, a fresh new Twitter account and the discovery of more bookish treasures from Berlin public libraries, I was privileged to read or to be invited to read one of the best titles of the year. 
My modest blog that I started as an incentive to write more and share my passion for books, moved fast forward on the blogging ladder, with a record number of blogs published and interesting topics covered, including guest posts by authors or interviews or covered various literary destinations encountered during my travels. From children books to strategy and branding, there was hardly a topic not properly addressed in 2016.
More interestingly, this year I had the chance to discover wonderful authors and their books, even as ARC or books that were on my reading list for quite a while. With an intensive reading schedule every day, I succeeded to cover a lot of titles and topics of interest that I wanted to learn about or just explore for years. For all the real-life and imaginary encounters, I am more than grateful!
What is to be next? My list of books waiting for reviews is even longer and I expect an even higher frequency of reviews. I will continue to cover interviews with authors and literary destinations, and more quality literary content. Reaching more audiences through higher quality targeted content is an aim for any blogger, and when it comes to bookish blogging, the standards are even higher.
As in the case of many other aspects of my life, I am grateful for all the challenges I went through this year and although I wish for a kinder 2017, I am, as usual, ready to take the best of it and looking forward to share to more and more people my love for good books and literature!
Have a great year everyone and to many many good books ahead!

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