Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A lovely chocolate story

This book was waiting me to be finished from 2016. Although I was decided to finish up - as it happens for over 95% of the books I start reading, even I may not like them - I was not sure that I have enough thoughts to share as a review. Now, a couple of minutes after a marathon reading that started early in the morning, I definitely enjoy the idea of having this book as my first serious review of the year.
It is recommended as a chick-lit, as it seems that everything that has to do with Paris involves chocolate, globe-trotting lovers and, eventually, some drama of impossible love plus a lot of good food, whose flavors are described at length. After all, it is quite difficult to be creative and unique when it comes to Paris - unless you are Henry Miller or Hemingway. This book, despite using some common places - or the common places usually appearing in books taking place here - about the city, impresses by the writing. It has some drama, and youngish love that went lost and some last wishes to meet again the lover, and a lot of food, and gorgeous chocolate descriptions. But it has humour (British this time) - like when addressing the otherwise dramatic accident when Anna lost a couple of toes - and interesting twists of the story and a special art of sharing feelings that impresses the reader. Where else, if not in Paris, such things are happening, a city that steals your heart and where extravagant opera singers are non-stop partying. 
The tensions - between son and father, between stepmother and son, between dying Claire and her estranged late husband, between Anna and his experienced colleagues - melt perfectly as chocolate and love and understanding are taking the floor. 
It is a great merit of a book to reveal feelings and surprise you by discovering corners well hidden and sealed deep into your self. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris is one of them and I am glad that I finished it. One of the 'loveliest' lessons of the book is to always be faithful to yourself and enjoy every moment of life, either life may have other plans with you. If you really have a dream, you can slightly and stubbornly challenge your destiny and maybe you can win over. It is important to not give up.
Rating: 3 stars

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