Saturday, May 6, 2017

A difficult book: The Secret History of Las Vegas

This book was quite a difficult read, especially because it has many stories intervowen but none of them is cover extensively enough to give substance to the book in its entirety. 
There is a murder plot where detective Salazar wants to discover the mystery behind serial killings. There is also an equally mysterious institute working secretly for the Army developing dangerous medicine which actually provoked some of the killings discovered by Salazar. There are impossible love stories and dark episodes leading to the highest criminal peak of the apartheid regime in South Africa. 
Each and every one of those stories requires a lot of attention and fine elaboration, but in the end it seems that all the good stories are lost and the reader is only left to guess the many 'what ifs'. 
However, the pace creates a certain interest, with a curiosity to turn the page over and over again, until maybe, you find something really happening. Although the writing is overall good, at least when it comes to story telling - especially the stories of torture and corrupted conscience from South Africa - the dialogues need a lot of polishing. I also didn't get the excessive use of the F~ word and other unuseful cursing, without necessarily any reason than to fill some thinking and conversational gaps. 
Despite my big disappointment, I still think this book deserves a read, because of the few good writing pages.

Rating: 3 stars

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