Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A new collection of children books from Clavis edition house

I am a big reader of children books, not only because I have a little booknerd in the making, but because many of them are a beautiful combination between words and images, telling even more beautiful stories that always have some grain of wisdom, sometimes bigger than our grown-up, serious people books. Last evening, I got a couple of good books from the Dutch edition house Clavis, the English version, which I am happy to present.

What would you not do for keeping your friend with you? It can be to wake up early in the morning, collect the autumn leaves, paint them green and hide the yellow one in big bags in your cellar. The bunny did everything in the name of his friendship with hedgehog, in order to avoid the moment when he will go for months of hybernation and they will not be able to share their moments together.
But nature may be stronger than a big heart and hedgegog is yawning deeply, trying to understand why this year the autumn is delayed. But good things are happening to good people. Although he will finally go to hybernate as the hare confessed his plan, he will do it using the leaves his friends hid and therefore, every time when bunny will miss him, he can only open the door to see him snorring. 
Beautifully illustrated, this is a beautiful story about friendship and devotion and also creativity beyond (the natural) limits. 

Rating: 5 stars

The potty training comes in different shapes and creative solutions. As someone in the middle of this process - and not always successful - trying to play different role games is helpful. The red potty is used in different ways by the animals, each and every one trying to figure out how to use it. Besides offering an attractive visual alternative to the repeated pledges to the child to use the potty instead of -...well, there are many answers to this - it also diversifies the knowledge about animals and their playful habits.
It is an easy to read, and pleasant to look at book, with - hopefully - some good inspiration for this important life stage of the child's development.

Rating: 5 stars

Tobor is a robot, not to beautiful or 'normal' like the rest of the toys, but friendly and ready to play. If you take him the way he is, he is a good playing comrade and he is always ready to make a pleasant and friendly conversation. 
This book is a good training for pre-school children to learn about difference and being different, accepting the new members of the team and trying to consider everyone's merits. Every child over 4 years can learn something useful from this book.

Rating: 4 stars

The moment of true has come and Nick the Knight should finally face the dragon! Not any dragon, but the undefeated Breakhorn, living up in the mountains. The struggle is real and the disappointment even greater as the dragon seems to refuse to fight with him. Even after Nick got himself a big sword and a powerful armor the dragon still declines his offer. But the power of mind can be stronger than the sword and therefore and upon the final return, they play chess and Nick defeated him not only once, but 3 times!
More than the illustrations, I love the message of this book, about finding the strength to fight with the right weapons and your main strengths.

Rating: 4 stars 

Disclaimer: Book offered by the publishers in exchange for an honest review

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