Friday, April 22, 2016

Baby (horror) talk

Horror books are not on my top reading list, but as I am doing my best to browse different literary genres, and was looking like an easy, short reading, this baby horror book was looking appealing. I had read previously something else by Mike Wells, a book about Iranian spies and atomic programs, but despite some well written scenes, I found many inadequacies that cut my interest to continue the series.
This book is more organised and focused, with a great opening and very well written scenes. There is suspense and unexpected things apparently done by a kind of diabolique 5-month old baby Natasha. From driving cars to placing a tennis trophy dirtied with feces and, the most terrible of all...talking articulately. 
Ironically, Neal, the 21-year old father who had to give up his college to marry the pregnant against his will Annie, epitomizes man's usual fears of babies, either married or not, teenagers or late in adulthood. And this fear is so overwhelming that it makes the mind create things and put the mechanism of evil into full motion. 
Rating: 3 stars

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