Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book review: Happy people read and drink coffee

My relationship with this book started with a coup-de-foudre and ended up in a big disappointment. The good part: I love the title very much and, yes, I believe that 'happy people read and drink coffee' and having this as a name of a bookstore is even greater choice. I am one of them and enjoying it. Second, the description of Diane's grief following the sudden death of both her husband and daughter and her immersion into depression are very well written and keeps you curious about what will happen to her next. The writing is good and although I was reading a translation from French, it seems that the main good features of the writing were maintained. 
But...Diane's sentimental attachment while in Ireland to the caveman Edward - predictable outcome - destroyed my magic with the book. This Edward abuses her verbally, is rude and plus, when they are about to enter a sentimental episode just abandon her without any justification for her lost love Megan and stop talking with her for a couple of days is awkward. Meanwhile he saves Diana from flirting with a barman in the pub, but just to keep him away of her, too drunk to control herself. Nothing besides kisses happens to them, and she leaves Ireland where she tried to recover after her loss, returning to Paris for finally and fully assuming responsibility for her bookstore. While she keeps thinking about him. Too kitschy for me, sorry. This time, I am not curious at all about the continuation.
Rating: 2 stars
Disclaimer: Book received from the publisher in exchange of an honest review

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