Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer reads: Secret lives of the Barbican

This book starts like just one of those summer reads about the mediocre life adventures of some middle class Brits living in the fancy Barbican. And maybe some booze and breaking ups and discovering love next door. But, surprise revelations and tragi-comical confusions twist the stories of three of the residents to unexpected ends.
You only have 24 hours and the merry-go-round moves to fast that past the middle of the book you may think that you are also too drunk to understand what is going on in the story and very high to predict how things will finally end. If it is really an ending.
I must confess that I've found some of the time sequences quite unrealistic, like the one involving Claire's day and some of the characters unclearly featured - although Dennis is my favourite and the most realistic, but Henriette and Trixie could have been much better. There is no adrenaline all over the stories, but some slow-downs, easy going moments, but the merit of the book is to keep you confused and wandering what will happen next and why. 
A fast, unconventional read for a rainy summer afternoon. 
Rating: 3 stars
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