Wednesday, February 14, 2018

3 Very Special Children Books Recommendations

I review very often children books on my blog or on Goodreads and, and read even more, but very often I am disappointed by the mismatch between words and images. Very often it happens to really like the wording content, but to realize that the visual representation is so clumsy, looking like made through a very basic illustrations program which, in my opinion, greatly damages the very essence of a children book. Especially in the cases when the books are aimed to a non-reading audience, it really diminishes the impact and relevance of the writing approach.
In the last weeks, I've had the chance to read some very special books, which are reflecting exactly my approach to children books: beautiful, creative illustrations complimenting an insightful text. I am happy to share with my readers my latest findings.

I've found the combination between comics-like drawings and colouful illustrations very inspired for this very cute story farm story. It carries the reader on a short journey where the big and small animals at the farm are not only doing their daily jobs, but where also friendship are created and parties thrown. It is the kind of story you end up reading to your kid over and over again, because you, as an adult, you also love this book so so much. A simple message of friendship beautifully illustrated.

The little Herodotus is a wise hedgehog, trying to find by himself what this big thing called life is all about. He has an eye for observing the world while at the same time he is trying hard to find his own answers to big life wonders. The pastel like illustrations are an invitation to dream and wandering through the major life questions. A good read for children from 5 years up.

The story, although it has a coming to age, optimistic happy end, it brings you to tears. The little rabbit embarks on an independent path, creating his own, free story, which means also leaving behind the one to whom he promised to never leave. Starting to live your life means also breaking up old promises and pushing beyond your limits and it is what rabbit is doing, being joined by other adventurous souls during his journey. The vivid colours of the illustrations, pastels with a brush stroke that reminds me of Chagall, are the perfect reflection of the search for meaning into the rabbit's life. A story that would love to read to my child before he is becoming a teen.

All books were rated with 5 stars
Disclaimer: Books offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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