Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Disappointment: The French Girl, by Lexie Elliott

If I will ever make a top of the worst books I've read, The French Girl will definitely be one of the first to mention. I hardly finished it, only because I really wanted to be sure that it is not only a first impression. Many many pages into the book, after being pretty tolerant with the slow pace and the abundance of references to the business management of a recruitment company, and also a lot of casual booze, I realized that in fact nothing will ever happen. The whole book is like a broken jump into nowhere, with a good promising writing, and interesting connections between the characters, thrown here and there, but that do not end up being put up together into a coherent story. And we are back to the business worries and insecurities of Kate, the storyteller, and more and more booze.
Beautiful Severine, the neighbour next door, was killed after the last day of vacation in France of a group of six universities students from Oxford. She was for a long time considered disappeared, but her body was just discovered in the well on the property of the vacation house. A charming French police inspector is investigating the case, while he is falling in love with one of the girls from the group, a potential suspect, and even let her see the stage of the investigation, where her best friend, Kate was considered a suspect. And the chain of errors continues, with a murder attempt against the same Kate by another member of the group, possibly a suspect, but for 'political reasons' the case was closed anyway.
The entire story bored me to tears. I've survived this book to write my review.

Rating: 2 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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