Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book tour: Brooklyn in Love by Amy Thomas

I've read Paris My Sweet with a pen and notebook on the side, taking careful notes about the most delicious places to try in my top favorite city. Many notes are still there, waiting for me to start checking thiose places, one by one.
Meanwhile, the author returned to NYC and Brooklyn in Love is the account of her searching for a home at home, while looking for love and discovering parenthood. Altough the return is not easy, because expat experiences are changing and challenging, food and sometimes good drinks are the best ingredients to create the sense of belonging, involving the author and inspiring for settling down. 
'Coming home after two intensely profound and fulfilling years in the most beautiful city in the world was harden than moving abroad to a city where I knew no one. There was no distraction of a foreign culture, no challenge of learning a new language or meeting new people, and no promise of what might be. There was no French romance. I was back in familiar territory, among people, places and things I knew and had always loved...and yet everything had changed - most of all me'. But life is going to settle slowly, and the story goes in the most natural and simple ways: setting up a profile on an online dating network, getting settled with the new job, finishing writing Paris My Sweet, dating, exploring NYC through its iconic eating destinations and food fixations of the season. Exploring the freedom while struggling to keep up a relationship, but jumping to projecting a possible parenthood story with the 40s just around the clock. 
There is no drama or suspense when it somes to the everyday life story, but what makes the big difference is the food, and its histories, the stories behind the success of a location or a delicious dish. The writing flows, inspires and makes you hungry. Hungry for the Brooklyn that I personally love and miss a whole lot. But it makes me miss also the plates I haven't had yet. From the entire memoir, the food part is what I loved the most because it is inspiring, charming and always interesting. Either you are a travel or a food writer, you will find a lot of good samples of writing in this book. 
Maybe the rest of the book doesn't sound so exciting and fascinating - after all, we all have a life to live - but it is inspiring in its simplicity and genuine soul searching.

Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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