Sunday, June 24, 2018

Inspiration for Writers: Read. Write. Reflect by Monica Bhide

There is no such thing as enough inspirational books for writers. As writing is a process which involves constant changes and practice, one may need different kind of inspiration corresponding to the current stage of professional development. There are also different aspects covered by writing in general, as nowadays it does not mean exclusively producing literature or non-fiction tomes. It means also writing for a newspaper or for a blog. For me, as long as you keep yourself busy with words on a daily basis, you are a writer. Read.Write.Reflect, the 10th book by the very talented Monica Bhide is another important contribution to the list of references for writers, regardless the domain covered. Monica herself has a complex experience in various fields, from poetry to cookbooks and interviews with other inspiring women like her or works of fiction. The diversity of writing experiences give her authority to share her lessons learned and also inspire people looking for the right sources of inspiration and support. Most ideas were developed through a program - Powered by Hope - initiated through her website.
But what can you find in this book with a beautiful cover created by the artist of images Simi Jois? I personally liked that after each topic approached, you have to answer a question and eventually develop a new theme. It is an instant brain storming which leads to a different level of creativity. Each chapter is concise, mostly created around a personal story or moment of inspiration Monica experienced herself. Such an approach gives authenticity and connects with the readers on a more direct personal level. Last but not least, at the end of each section there is a list of recommended readings or resources - including podcasts - which may diversify the creative shift.
Read.Write.Reflect by Monica Bhide is a work worth the experience of a complex writer that reached a professional level allowing her to share her experiences and inspire other people in search of fulfilling their creativity. Recommended to any writer with a curious mind and keen to improve the quality of his or her work and reach a new creative level.

Rating: 5 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the author in exchange for an honest review

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