Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Bookish ChickLit for My Heart

A chicklit should not be cheesy, easy, stereotypical and necessarily ending up happily. If you have a story to tell, keep doing it and I will appreciate it if it is really worth reading it. 
The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is one of the best books included un this category I've read in a while. Yes, I have a weakness for such books because life is real, and romance is real and relationships are also part of the everyday life. The fact that some are not ending up well, is just another story, but at least you need to keep hoping.
A bookish lovely creature, working in a small bookstore in LA, Nina has a penchant for very well organised daily schedule - and I really love this as I am, myself, one of those people too - grew up independently with a single photographer mother most of the time away on work assignments and without knowing her father. Suddenly though, she will be contacted by a lawyer representing his dead father, that apparently knew about her but was convinced by her mother to leave them alone. From a lonely life, she is entering the intricated life of a very big family that she needs to cope with. 
And then, there is a handsome, non-bookish boy that she likes, not sure sure that she can fit him into her complicated life. She has anxiety attacks, and is about to give up more than once.
Nina Hill is so real, with her love of life, curiosity and attractive way of approaching reality as a curious bookish person. She's a good person, a millenial in her very early 30s trying to cope with the daily complexities. I really love her as much as I love her agenda mindset. Especially her way to ask directly very complex and complicated questions. 
The writing is very good too. The dialogues are vivid and full of turns that a bookish person will very much appreciate. The characters are complex and with personalities that you might easily find in real life too. The story has turns that make it worth reading in a one sitting - as I did myself.
The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is a book that will make you enjoy a late summer day, regardless what genre you prefer.

Rating: 4 stars

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