Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Guide for Creating 'Confident Digital Content'

Storytelling never dies it only embraces different medium and technologies in order to diversify and magnify the stories. Especially nowadays when social media plays such a dramatic role in our everyday life, it is important to acknowledge every single aspect and angle of the digital content.
In Confident Digital Content you are offered a couple of practical insights guiding anyone interested in a career in this domain to start on the right foot.
Content means more than a good choice of words, it has to do with the setting, the timing, the organisation of the materials, the visual - photo and/or video - accompaniment. 'By understanding how to make great content you can get your customers to do your advertising for you as they share your osts and watch your videos'. A career in this domain is as challenging as engineering sometimes, although the ironic smile cannot be avoided when you might answer to someone active in a classical job what you are actually doing. However, selling digital content requires a lot of skills, time and dedication and even more hard work. Being multiskilled guarantees professional success translated into an expanding portfolio of customers. 
The knowledge in this domain is a permanent workshop and a successful professional in this field should keep being updated to various techniques, editing programs, SEO and algorithms, webdesign techniques, types and capabilities of various smart phones or social media specificities. On the other hand, a considerable investment is not requested. 'You don't need specific qualifications, expensive equipment or exclusive contacts. All that's required is a desire to learn, to be creative and a passion for telling stories'. As the book rather addresses beginner and mid-level professionals such a statement stays valid but once you are on a higher level you cannot further advance without a significant financial investment. At this level though, you can learn about various techniques and medium while watching YouTube videos, for instance. 
The book provides exercices and practical examples, which increases its practical value. 
The guidelines are useful both if you want to create individual content or content for various communities and organisation. It's written in a systematic simplew way, browsing all the currrent possibilities and opportunities. 
My only big observation about this otherwise good useful book is why the cover is so uninspired. But the content hiding under that cover is worth reading it.

Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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