Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bookish update: The weeks around new books

There were a lot of books in my life in the last days, besides the one that I separately review. As usual, I love to discover new authors and when their works are not available in English, my knowledge of other languages helps me a lot. Micaela Jary's book is an example when my German skills contributed to the discovery of a new and interesting author. It tells the story of three strong women that are looking for love, mystery and independence nowhere else than in the exotic Zanzibar. Each of them will develop their personal and love story, experiencing their own development and going through serious life challenges. Besides the good writing, the book is very well documented which gives an air of authenticity to the writing. When possible, would love to read more from this author. 
David Duchovny's Holy Cow, was such a hectic disappointment that I gave up trying to find anything interesting inside. Elsie Bovary, the cow, and Shalom the pig converted to Judaism which makes peace in the Middle East...nice game, but not for me.
Another one of those one star books is a chick lit whose only merit is to have a very good insight into shopping addiction. I took the Shopoholic and the Billionaire as an amusement while comuting on the bus and nothing more, without any interest to continue with the rest of the series. Last and least, from the 'do-not-read, please' category, a mystery that it is nothing but a mystery: Dying to Read, by Lorena McCourtney. To be more precise it is a 'cozy' mystery. If this means to read pages after pages without anything happening except a fat cat who is moving slowly and a woman defending a tree, I better give up this genre.
To warm up, I got through, a dadaistic-inspired book of 'poetry', based on collages based on Yayoi Kusama and app-generated wordings. The book is supposed to be published at the end of April, but you can check #clivebirnie on Instagram for some samples of work. 
That's all for now, but promise to be back soon as I have some shelves overloaded with books, so many books!

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