Monday, February 8, 2016

Latest bookish update

The last week was a very good one for the blog, with a lot of new collaborations started and new opportunities of visibility seized. As a stay-at-home mom for the next months at least, I am ready to discover a lot of new books and further share my recommendations and also move forward with my writing. I was a bit disappointed though when it comes to the list of books I've read, as most of them left me with a sour taste of kitsch. 
For instance, Bombay Mixx. I like to read chick lit - a lot, in fact - but this one gave me the impression of a very bad soap opera. Everyone is getting drunk, too much, things are moving too fast from being a boss to a lover - although married with children - and everyone is getting pregnant with the wrong person, including half brother with half sister. Seriously! It was too much.l
Barbara Delinsky's novella What She Really Wants smoothly brought things to the everyday reality reminding that marriage is a work in process. Apparently, finding a gift for someone you seem to know for ages is not an easy task and sometimes you need to go back to reality and know each other better. Simplicity is more precious than gold and diamonds and I enjoyed the wise lessons of this book that still can be downloaded for free on Kindle.

After that, I went through a new disapointment, another episode from the Amish stories by Kristina Ludwig I read before and also did no enjoy. I was interested in The Amish Valentine due to my interest in the Amish world as such - the author herself is not Amish but lived in the neighbourhoud of some communities. The story is there, the love in the air, but somehow, the pace is too slow and the characters are missing a certain strength and personality that make you really be part of the story. 
To end the week on a different literary note, I put all my hopes in the 5th part of the Arkane series Day of the Vikings by JF Penn - that I received as a reader copy -, whose books I'd read recently one after the other. The good part is that you can start with any of the books - I myself started with One Day in Budapest - and you can still understand what the book is about. Compared to the other books, I did find the book a bit too slow and less eventful, although it is a lot of blood and an interesting past reader. This time, Dr. Morgan Sierra is dealing and win over a strange group of new-Vikings, thirsty for blood and apocalyptic settings. As all the other books it is well researched and every detail of the story is carefully crafted. 
As for now, happy reading week everyone, more books are waiting for me now! Keep in touch with good reading news!

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