Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book review: Paper Hearts Some writing advice by Beth Revis

I am reading quite often books about how to write and I am not always impressed about the ideas shared, many of them greatly generic. This book though has some noteworthy assets that kept me interested till the end: it is very honest, not promising you to give you to key to the secret of getting published the minute you finish reading it and also gives practical tips about grammar or various programs to use for advancing the writing. Another important advantage is that it is focused on the YA writing process and thus, gives important hints not only to the writer identified with this genre, but also to the reader and potential reviewer of such literature.  As a particular note, I also liked the writing style of the author which may be a serious incentive to keep reading more books by her in the near future.
Before being a successful author, Beth Revis wrote 10 books - one every year -, none considered good enough to break into the YA market. Then the good contract just happened and it was just the beginning of just another writing success story. She is a NYTimes and IndieBound bestselling author, quit her teaching job and keeps writing. 
After all these years, many will just abandon the writing ambitions and will focus on something else for the rest of their lives. But Beth Revis kept writing and improved both her style as her networking skills. However, although she tried once to fit perfectly into the market, she was not lucky enough and not happy with the results either. And kept writing more. 
Her advices are useful for both perfectly beginners and middle YA writers. Some advices are available regardless the genre, anyway, like in this case:  new writers 'don't know where to start because they worry they'll start the wrong way'. Or another one, that I always follow: go out of your writing room, see the world and go for adventure and only thereafter come back to write. Also useful are the advices about how and why to craft the first and last chapter of the book, with relevant examples by successful YA authors. The charters about chapters and sequences of chapters are very important and a tip to keep in mind among your writing documents for everyone aspiring to sign a great publishing contract one day. 
Only the first volume of series about writing, Paper Hearts is the kind of book to keep in mind as an usual bibliography for the writer in you. And you. And you. 
Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: The publisher offered the book for review via, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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