Thursday, March 31, 2016

Changes. Changes. Changes. For the good

After three intensive months of frequent bookish blogging, it is about time for some more new changes, isn't it? Day after day and week after week I discovered new authors and interesting blogs that inspired and encouraged me to go just another step further. 
This blog was started as a once in a while chronicle of my pashion for books, with irregular updates in the previous years. Then as now, bookish blogging is only a part of my daily blogging and writing activities, which includes mostly travel, politics and history, and parenting and lifestyle too. However, regardless of where I am going and what I am cooking, books are always with me and this will never change. Sharing my thoughts about writers and books come out naturally and I am very happy to have decided to publish regularly reviews on my blog.
Right now, the blog keeps me very busy with a lot of new projects and so many interesting books I can't wait to read and write about. A couple of weeks back I discovered, an awesome resource for book reviewers, a network through which publishers are promoting new books and practically every domain. Although sometimes it is frustrating to see that some books are only available for specific markets, I take it as it is and try to accept that book industry is a business too. Anyway, with more books than readers, there is always a big amount o books available so I am not deprived of new titles and interesting connections. In the next weeks wait than for a lot of bookish reviews that includes genres as diverse as YA, children books, thriller, detective stories or novels everyone is talking about.
Besides NetGalley, I keep getting very intresting new books from the local libraries. Thus, wait a full review of some interesting Stephen King novels, the latest Isabel Allende, the Hunger Games trilogy or Romain Puertolais and Yasmina Khadra. 
Given my passion for travel, I will keep featuring interesting bookstores and literary events encountered on the road. Also, I want to present as much as possible authors outside out usual writing comfort zone, using also my linguistic knowledge that goes far beyond English. These authors will be features under the series: Reading around the world. If you have some special suggestion about readers to be featured, don't hesitate to contact me. The plan is to feature at least a writer from any country of the world at least once. 
Two other series are running on: Writers Secrets, that made its debut with an interview with Gary F. Jones, featuring writers sharing their writin experience, and Publishers Secrets, with publishers and edition houses explaining their strategies and introducing their star writers. The first interview from the series is up in the air in a couple of hours, so stay tunned!
As you can see, there is a lot to share and write about. This is the plan for the next 3 months and hope to have even more news coming up soon.
If you want to get live updated about what I am reading and my bookish adventures, keep in touch on Twitter, with my fresh new account: @Wildwritinglife
Keep in touh with good writing news soon!

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