Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bookish updates: The week around new books

I had a very busy bookish time lately, with more and more books added to my Kindle for review, plus other library landing items and Open Library books. I am trying to keep up the pace, with one day the week completely dedicated to my writing and reading passions. Here is the latest short selection of books to read this weekend or the next or anytime you want to pick something interesting.
Helen Pollard - The Little French Guesthouse Rating: 5 stars
A delicious chick-lit drama with a happy ending that you want hardly to put down. Emy and Nathan are planning a quiet holiday in France, but everything change for the worse after Nathan is sleeping and running away with the wife of the guesthouse owner, many years his senior. Brokenhearted, Emy decided to stay a bit more to help the abandoned husband, Rupert, to run the inn, and had her moment of self-discovery, entering new sensual stories. Back home to Birmingham, she will reconsider the offer made by Rupert, to relocate to France and work as a freelancer too, and in the end, she will take it and leave behind her old predictable life. Given that a handsome boy is waiting for her there, it is more than a perfect change.
The pace is slow but with good unpredictable events that keep you interested. It seems there will be a continuation of the story so stay tunned  for even more stories.
The book will be released the 28th of April.
Gary F. Jones - A Jerk, a Jihad and a Virus - 4 Stars
Expect a lot of sophisticated medical information, with details about genetical mutations and microbiology, as the author himself is active in this domain. The jerk Ahmed, medical student from Pakistan whose only asset is the political position of his father, steals a dangerous virus and ran out of America aiming to sell it to terrorists. However, his very limited scientific skills put him in a position when everyone disover his imposture and all the diabolic plans fail. The humour is fine, the story has everything you want for a good read. 
The book will be released on May 3.

Katie Cross - Bon bons to Yoga Pants - 3 Stars
Lexie Grant has a cute face but a fat bodie and everyone, including her mother, stalk her to lose weight. The coming wedding of her sister and the perspective of meeting Bradley, whom she 'met' online, plus the determination of a friend of her mother to follow a strict lose-weight program determine her to start the fight with her extra kilos. And after a lot of difficulties and hard work, she will succeed. Besides  the teenage love story developed, the book analyses binge eating and the obsession with food: 'Food carried me through a turbulent childhood with constant, subtle reminders from my mom that I wasn't skinny enough. Food had bonded me to my dad. Food had seen me through his death. Food had been there when it seems no one else had. Food also made me depressed and insecure'. My problem with this book is that it does not offer the right answer to dieting pressures.

Disclaimer: The publishers granted me the books via, but the opinions are, as usual, my own. 

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  1. So sorry, I hadn't realised I didn't comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to review - I'm glad you enjoyed The Little French Guesthouse :)