Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An excellent book for children: The Lion Inside

I am looking for good English books for children those days where both the story and the illustrations are coming along perfectly. The Lion Inside is one of those who arrived into my children library lately and which I keep reading at least once the day to my son.
The story is very insightful, especially for the little children: doesn't matter how small and insignificant you feel, there is always a way to make yourself seen. Plus, even the most popular and strong lion might hide some deep fears and insecurities. 
The big format of the book, outlining the extraordinary appealing illustrations, allows a lot of creativity in story telling, in case your little one is to small and impatient to finish the story faster and unable to focus on the text read by the parent in charge. If you are at this stage when your baby is quiet enough to wait to hear the entire story while browsing the illustrations, your pleasure of reading will be complete. The texts are smart, engaging, and suited for a little play set up if your voice is strong enough to utter a strong 'rooarr' from the deep of your lungs.
A great book from age 2 onwards, to take with you on vacation or to keep it for reading at length before the sleep lands.

Rating: 5 stars

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